Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prayer of Blessing

I got this little book called "Seven Prayers that will change your life forever" at Ross along with this awesome skirt :) 
Out of all the prayers I read about, I think Prayer of Blessing is my favorite. Some of the prayers of blessing
All the other ones are important and wonderful of course, but there is just something beautiful about a prayer of blessing to me. We oftentimes spend so much of our prayer and meditation time asking, pleading, and complaining (which is fine to do) but we just forget that being grateful for what we DO have is important.
I think that's why the prayer of blessing is so beautiful to me. It's about giving thanks, being grateful, seeking guidance and searching for wisdom.
I am grateful. I am blessed. I give thanks
I'm gonna leave with this quote from the book.
when talking about yourself, speak words of hope, health, encouragement, life, and purpose- They are God's truth for you

-Good Happens- 


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