Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Circle

On a whim, I picked up the book "The Circle" a couple of days ago and once I started reading it, I loved it.
 I've seen the Circle threads in my favorite hair forum but I haven't really taken the time to read the book and apply it to my life but now I'm going to and I'm excited to see how I'm going to grow throughout this journey.
My church's first lady and I wearing the same shoes lol

I feel like there's so much good that's on the way for me, that it's hard to contain my joy and hopefulness. I'm overflowing with positivity right now and especially for my first real desire that's coming this week.
I'm taking the GRE this week so if you're reading this, send out some positive vibes and prayers for me :)
I feel good about it!



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