Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Go slowly, breathe, and smile!

My Sunday photographer and his bow tie swag

In my very short life so far, I've realized that there is precious little that compares to being fully present in the moment and being content. I've been reading lots of books on faith, mindfulness, and happiness so I've decided to put some of those things in practice in my life. As a way of intro into this journey, I've decided to keep a personal blog of my adventures in mindfulness. I'm also going to add a bunch of pictures weekly just because I take a lot of pictures :)
I hope to write in a way that my journey might make somebody else think and maybe even change some thoughts but ultimately this is for me. If I end up being the only one who read this blog, I'll be fine with it.
I'm following the mindful slogan Go slowly breathe, and smile


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